Faith Formation


Nourishing Spiritual Growth for All Ages.


Christ Church United in Dracut welcomes you. We are the “Old Yellow Meeting House” founded in 1711. You need not be a member of the church to participate in the church school programs. We hope you’ll have an opportunity to join us for Sunday worship.



The sacrament of baptism is an outward and visible sign of the grace of God. Parents usually request baptism for their infants or toddlers, but baptism can take place at any age. Simply call the church office to make an appointment with the pastor.



You may bring your child (newborn through age 3) to the Nursery, where the worship service can be heard through the sound system.


Children’s Table

The church offers a children’s table during worship if Sunday school is not in session. Children sit at a table near the sanctuary and work on crafts related to the biblical messages.  


Sunday School

Preschool through Grade 5

Our Sunday school program offers our youth the opportunity to grow in the Christian Faith by using a variety of Christian based materials. Our creative and nurturing teacher volunteers will captivate children’s hearts and minds by using the Bible in conjunction with arts and crafts, music, cooking, plays, and other learning methods. Children in 2nd grade will be gifted with their very own Bible. During the year children will memorize certain Bible readings.

Come journey with us!!


Youth Ministry 6-8

Discuss Bible lessons and explore ways to practice faith in everyday life. The program is designed to be fun and rewarding while reinforcing Biblical lessons. Youth will have the opportunity to help out with church functions and local charities.



Christ Church United offers a Confirmation Program to teens in Grades 9-12. The purpose is to grow in faith and learn about God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit and to write a Statement of Faith.


Adult Faith Formation

Through the Adult Faith Formation our pastor will lead interactive book and prayer groups. You will grow spiritually as you share your thoughts, prayers, and ideas about Christ our Savior. Typically, the pastor offers new membership classes to any adult wishing to become a member of the church.


Safe Church

Christ Church United abides by Safe Church practices. This means that we uphold guidelines of ethical behavior toward children and youth through practices that include teacher background checks, staff and volunteer training, and appropriate adult supervision ratio.