Nourishing Spiritual Growth for All Ages.

You are welcome to remain in worship or stand and rock your child in the back of the Sanctuary. You may bring your child (newborn through age 2) to the Nursery, where the worship service can be heard through the sound system.
Our Church School curriculum DWELL actively engages kids in God’s story using interactive games, reflective wondering, dramatic storytelling, and a whole lot of fun. Songs with kid appeal help memory verses stick and wonderfully illustrated take-home pieces provide support to families. Each lesson includes activities based on multiple intelligence theory. DWELL invites kids to find their place in God’s story, living into and out of it for the rest of their lives. Kids do more than hear a story: they experience it, and each level of DWELL has a name that reflects that experience: Play (Preschool); Imagine (Kindergarten-Grade 1); Wonder (Grades 2-3); Marvel (Grades 4-5). The scope and sequence of DWELL covers the entire arc of God’s story – creation, fall, redemption and restoration – exploring both Old and New Testaments as kids grow.DWELL
presents the Bible as a life-transforming story of God’s amazing love for God’s people and the world. It invites children to find their place in that story and join God’s mission to transform the world into Jesus Christ.
Christ Church United offers a Confirmation Program to teens in Grades 9-12. It runs from October through May, with Confirmation Sunday held in June. The purpose is to grow in faith and learn about God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, to write a Statement of Faith, and experience enough to say “Yes” to the Christian life, and say “Yes” to continuing to grow in faith for the rest of your life. The curriculum we use is “Affirming Faith” and is led by the pastor and adult members of the church.

Christ Church United abides by Safe Church practices. This means that we uphold guidelines of ethical behavior toward children and youth through practices that include teacher background checks, staff and volunteer training, and appropriate adult  supervision ratio.